British Flair – The Lifestyle Event!
British Flair – The Lifestyle Event!
British Flair – The Lifestyle Event!
British Flair – The Lifestyle Event!

British Flair and Country Fair Hamburg – Charity

Detailed Information about British Flair and Country Fair 2019 will be published ahead of the event.
Here you can find information from the 2018 fair:

British Flair’s charity fundraising in 2018 supports KinderLeben e.V.

It can seem like the end of the world for a family when a child is diagnosed as being seriously or even terminally ill. It’s almost too much to cope with.

For such families everything now revolves around the sick child. Everything else has to take second place – in particular siblings, job and friends to name but a few. Failed marriages, unemployment and loss of social standing are often the result.

The goal of Förderverein KinderLeben e.V. is to make it a little easier for these families, especially the children, to cope with their often unbearable everyday lives. We can help many families and fulfil some wishes and dreams along the way – wishes that are very modest. That’s shown us that it often doesn’t cost very much to help and to give people pleasure. Children and young people ask for simple things that make it easier to manage the difficult times when they are in hospital or having chemotherapy. Toys, things to keep them busy, a laptop to keep in contact with friends or school are all important. We focus on brothers and sisters, too, who justifiably say “What about me?” But KinderLeben e.V. can also help to pay for the baptism of a child suddenly taken ill or for a dignified funeral if families are unable to shoulder the burden alone.

Your donation helps!

By taking part in the different activities at British Flair and Country Fair in Hamburg, for example buying a tombola ticket, you can help to give strength to children and families and make wishes come true.

Please help!

Förderverein KinderLeben e.V.
Kulemannstieg 10
22457 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 5387 9948

Förderverein KinderLeben e.V.
IBAN DE96 2069 0500 0001 7680 00