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British Flair and Country Fair Hamburg – Charity

Detailed Information about British Flair and Country Fair 2020 will be published ahead of the event.
Here you can find information from the 2019 fair:

British Flair’s charity fundraising in 2019 supports MUT Academy

Social inequity harms societies and threatens our democracy. 2,600 young people in Hamburg leave school each year without any perspective. In the meantime, 3,300 apprenticeship positions remain vacant. Job markets in crafts, medicine and care lack potential employees. The costs of an unemployed German citizen are over 20,000 € a year – without taking into account mental health and crime issues.

Education and courage is the solution. Our MUT Academy (MUT = courage) transforms the lives of young underprivileged students, high potential volunteers and the job market.

We guide Hamburg’s students towards achieving a good school-leaving and vocational qualification. In 5 days learning camps, workshops and a mentorship programme we teach them to adapt a growth attitude, to achieve self-efficacy and job skills, and provide a strong network to school-leavers from challenging backgrounds. They learn to tackle obstacles, take the consequences of their mistakes and to learn from feedback, thus taking responsibility for their own lives. As a result 90 % of our participants get a school-leaving qualification. Over 80% find a job. All of them feel more courageous. Their numbers increase each year.

On the other hand, we motivate young high potential volunteers and employers to work with these young people, challenge their assumptions towards a stigmatized social group while simultaneously teaching them leadership skills such as empathy, reflection and intercultural skills. The young people gain jobs and a better quality of life – the companies gain valuable employees.

In order to do our job we need your donations and your network possibilities. One MUT Camp costs 400 € per participant. A one year scholarship costs 5,000 €.


For more information check out 
www.mutacademy.de and www.facebook.com/MUTAcademy

Thank you for your courage!

Please help

MUT Academy gGmbH
Valentinskamp 45a
20355 Hamburg

E-Mail: info@mutacademy.de


MUT Academy gGmbH
Hamburger Sparkasse Ag
IBAN: DE83200505501238211880

A friendship that helps: Friends of Britain e.V.


Our main aim is to generate donations for charity organisations in and around Hamburg, through fundraising events, in particular with our super tombola at „British Flair“. In addition, Friends of Britain organise concerts and film presentations every year, as well as the popular „Tales & Tunes“ event. They also take part in the “Victorian Christmas Market“, also with the aim of supporting social projects in the Hamburg area and consolidating German-British relations via intercultural encounters with other dedicated people.


Since 1991 the society Friends of Britain e.V., consisting of British nationals living in Hamburg and anglophile citizens of Hamburg, was able to donate more than 800,000 euros to over 30 projects of the social sector in Hamburg and its suburbs, in aid of, for example, children with rare diseases, in socially deprived areas, in trauma clinics and hospices, handicapped children and their families, the homeless, patients at the Mammazentrum Hamburg as well as the Klinik Clowns in Hamburg. This year the focus is on the MUT Academy that guides young school leavers without any qualification into a secure professional future.


Support us by buying tombola tickets. There are hundreds of attractive prizes to be won.